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The Complete Cybersecurity Training Checklist

A guide for planning and implementing effective employee training


With a projected cost of $2 trillion by 2019¹ and over 30% of businesses² worldwide affected by cybercrime, the numbers show the serious threat to firms across the country. And your biggest risk? Your employees. 

Effective cybersecurity training is the first step in protecting your firm.

Preparing, planning, executing and following through with your company’s cybersecurity training doesn’t have to be as daunting as it sounds. 

What you’ll get with the Complete Cybersecurity Training Checklist:cybersecurity-training.jpg

  • Step-by-step tips for preparing and planning for your training
  • A guide to fine-tuning your security policies
  • Cybersecurity terminology overview to share with employees
  • Thorough guide to deliver top-notch training
  • Effective tips for follow-through and ongoing education
  • Real templates and case studies to incorporate in your training

Help your company avoid cybersecurity risks! Implement an effective cybersecurity training program at your firm today by downloading this comprehensive guide.

Download the Cybersecurity Training Checklist