You've selected new software for your RIA. Now what?

Choosing the right software for your RIA is one thing. Implementing it throughout your firm without a hitch, now that's a different animal.
  • How do you know where to begin?
  • Who else within your organization should be involved, and when?
  • How do you catch mistakes before they go live?
  • How do you train employees, and guarantee their success?
  • How do you measure success at the end of the project?

Watch the quick, 30-minute webinar where Jo answers these and other pressing questions related to software implementation. She covers issues related to project management, user training, change management, and everything in between.

This is an information-packed discussion designed to help your RIA get through your next software project. Fill out of the form on the right to watch the webinar on-demand.


Joanne Day – Partner at Trumpet, Inc.

As a workflow designer, Ms. Day customizes and automates workflow for advisory firms throughout the country.  Ms Day speaks the language of business owners and operations teams alike, making her a valued commentator.

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