Select, Implement & Optimize Your DMS

A Complete Guide from Trumpet

Trumpet - DMS Guide_coverA solid document management system can transform the way a law office functions. Working in IT, it is your responsibility to ensure there are efficient systems in place to support a variety of staff members, including partners and administration.

However, the prep work that goes into creating a smooth transition for everyone in the office needs more than just assurance that this system “will work” for everyone. 

To help you navigate the successful introduction, implementation and optimization of a new document management system to an entire office, we’ve created this guide.

This comprehensive guide will aide in the process of communicating the new technology changes, demonstrating to the higher-ups how this system will improve office performance, properly preparing documents and your team for the transition with the right tools and training.

This guide will help:

  • Communicate technology changes
  • Demonstrate the value of a new system 
  • Prepare documents and your team for the transition
  • Guide you with the right tools and training

Download our comprehensive guide now to get started.