Bridging the Digital Divide [Whitepaper] 

Digital Documents and Best Practices to Mitigate Risk for Law Firms and Legal Departments

Law firms get more productive every year, thanks to better tools and technologies to manage data, documents and client matters. From Windows searches to document and practice management systems, on through AI-fueled automation, firms rely heavily on a range of systems to stay productive and competitive.

But, undetectable documents can mean dangerous gaps.

Firms are investing big in technology to boost productivity, but up to 30% of the files they're looking for are still image-based and can’t be found via text search. Bundled OCR tools can miss image-based pages inside larger documents, but search programs won’t know what they’ve missed.

Download this whitepaper to better understand high-level risks that firms need to know about, and can take steps to avoid. The whitepaper covers how to:

  • Ensure compliance during disclosure & facilitate complete subpoena responses

  • Help avoid sanctions under federal and local Rules of Professional Conduct

  • Prevent unexpected liabilities during transactions

  • Ensure visibility for all essential contract provisions

  • Make all appropriate client disclosures

  • Help avoid liability for clients and the firm

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