Your firm runs on documents. It's the fuel your team uses to manage, work on, and complete projects and cases.

You've got to make sure you can find any document you need, at any time.

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) helps you do that. Symphony OCR software scans every single document that comes into your system, whether it's from:

  • A client or outside source
  • Scanned internally
  • Something you just created

Then, it makes it text-searchable so you can search more than just the title and meta data. (Imagine being able to perform text searches in .pdfs!)

Get a FREE Analysis of Your Documents

To get a free document analysis of the documents in your system that aren't OCRed, fill out the form today! Receive the OCR Analyze software, a piece of the Symphony OCR system, install in a few clicks and run your free scan.

Note: This is a professional software and we take your privacy and security very seriously. We would never provide any solution that would put your cybersecurity at risk.