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The Complete Guide to Evaluating, Selecting &
Implementing Technology for your RIA


How to Choose the RIGHT Technology Solution for Your RIA

Choosing the best technology for your RIA can be a challenge. You’ll need to narrow down the field of countless options, extensively research possible solutions, advocate for the one you think best fills your firm’s needs and then ensure firm-wide adoption.

Trumpet makes this process easier by providing a Technology Toolkit for RIAs, which includes:

  • 18 Key Communication Checkpoints Before, During & After a Technology Change
  • 6 Questions to Ask Your Team Before a Software Demo
  • 27 Ways to Evaluate a Potential New Technology
  • An Executive Summary of Key Findings Presentation Template
  • 6 Questions to Ask Your Team Post-Implementation
  • PLUS a How-to Guide for Using these Tools at Your RIA

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